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Dear Julierme,

I encourage you to follow scrupulously the developer workshop where everything you are trying to do is well covered http://geonode.org/dev-workshop/#/.


Il giorno 17/mag/2018, alle ore 17:06, Julierme Pinheiro <juliermeopensourcedeveloper at gmail.com> ha scritto:

> Dear all geonode developers,
> I have made changes in my geonode production through geonode-project. Just now, I realized that the geonode-project css config is being applied to geonode production main page, however my new tabs and text change in  site_base.html and site.index.html are not being applied to geonode production main page.
> I ran the commands python manage.py migrate and python manage.py collectstatic and realized that static_root was created in /home/my_geonode/my_geonode/my_geoonde/static_root
> geonode.conf Directories make reference to several paths /home/my_geonode/my_geonode/my_geonode/uploaded/ and /home/my_geonode/my_geonode/my_geonode/uploaded/* (group, people_group, documents, Layers, avatars and thumbs)
> but directory uploaded is no in /home/my_geonode/my_geonode/my_geoonode
> I wonder if this directory <uploaded> and its subdirectories <group, people_group, documents, Layers, avatars and thumbs> are added manually.
> In order to see the new tabs and text changes in geonode production, I also added another directory to geonode.conf
>  <Directory "/home/my_geonode/my_geonode/my_geonode/templates/">
>         Order allow,deny
>         Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
>         Allow from all
>         Require all granted
>         IndexOptions FancyIndexing
>  </Directory>
> The directory templates contains site_base.html and site_index.html. But yet I could not see the new tabs in my geonode production main page.
> Any help on that will be very appreciated.
> Kind regards
> Julierme
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