[GeoNode-users] Resilient hosting of GeoNode

Carol Kraemer ckraemer at itos.uga.edu
Fri May 25 04:47:13 PDT 2018

Nifty idea, Jac. Thank you for sharing here and I’d be interested to hear the solution as well.

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I'm working with a government that presently has a GeoNode instance installed locally and accessible publicly from the internet. This is fragile due to infrastructure weaknesses on premises (e.g. unreliable power). I'm considering recommending they move to an instance of GeoNode installed in the cloud (perhaps AWS, but a managed solution would be ideal). This instance would be locally mirrored on site using their current hardware. The local mirror is essential redundancy to accommodate scenarios where the internet may go down (e.g. emergency management). The local mirror should remain relatively in-sync with the cloud master, but infrequent synching, perhaps once a day, should sufficiently cover the anticipated usage patterns.

I figure the devil is in the details here, as in a genuine emergency, if the internet is down and changes are being made locally directly on the mirror, once internet is back, the synching strategy with the master suddenly gets complicated.

I'm not able to find examples of this type of setup in the docs or otherwise. As I'm not a sys admin, I may be using the wrong search terms. Can someone point me toward resources that provide further details on implementing this type of strategy and best practices? If anyone has additional relevant insights they can share, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Appreciate your help.
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