[GeoNode-users] Managed hosting options for GeoNode as a service

Jac Steiner jackrsteiner at gmail.com
Fri May 25 16:15:50 PDT 2018

Hi GeoNode users,

I'm presently reviewing available options for GeoNode as a service, fully
managed solutions. The key features are that install, updates, and security
of the GeoNode platform are managed, but the client obviously is the
administrator for the CMS.

Thus far, I've found less than a handful of options:

   - MapServerPro
   <https://www.mapserverpro.com/cr-articles/geonode_hosting.php> - Looks
   to be a standard shared and VPS server provider specializing in GIS
   application. For $100 a month you get a VPS with GeoNode. It's unclear
   whether that includes ongoing support for GeoNode stack updates.
   - acuGIS <https://www.acugis.com/geonode-hosting.html> - Also looks to
   be mainly a host provider. More explicit in it's feature set for GeoNode
   hosting and only $50 a month. Still unclear if ongoing support is provided
   for updates.
   - Boundless Exchange <https://boundlessgeo.com/boundless-exchange/>-
   They appear offer a fully managed
   <https://boundlessgeo.com/managed-services/> GeoNode as a service, with
   one caveat -- Boundless calls it Exchange which I think is basically a
   rebranding of GeoNode with GeoGig enabled by default. Pricing is only
   available through quote request. I'm also a little concerned if Boundless's
   offerings may diverge from stock GeoNode, as they look to be jockeying to
   be the RedHat of GIS (not a criticism).

If anyone has more information on these three providers or others, I'd
greatly appreciate it. Happy to answer any questions as well.

Best wishes,
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