[GeoNode-users] How do I install Geonode 2.6.3 on Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04?

Simon Lee simon.lee at null.net
Sat Oct 13 17:22:24 PDT 2018

Dear Julierme, thank you: this is very interesting. I am trying the master-2.6.x branch right now.

However, I noticed that the master-2.6.x branch still uses the old build server, so I replaced the URL in /SPCgeonode/_service_geoserver/Dockerfile (line 16) with: https://build.geo-solutions.it/geonode/geoserver/latest/geoserver-2.12.x.war but it still didn't work because of a certificate issue. So I downloaded the .war file and uploaded it to a web hosting of mine and set the Dockerfile to download from there. At that point the docker-compose script was able to create all the containers successfully. I don't know what the issue with the LetsEncrypt certificate on https://build.geo-solutions.it might be, since in my web browser the certificate seems ok. I had the same issue using the paver install scripts for Geonode 2.6.3, so I don't think it has anything to do with the docker-compose scripts.

I am now waiting for the docker containers to restart and align. They have been restarting for half an hour so I am crossing my fingers :-)

Thank you,

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Dear Simon Lee,
If you are looking for GeoNode at 2.6.x. I will strongly recommend you to take a look in this project <https://github.com/olivierdalang/SPCgeonode>. Following the Docker Installation procedure, I think you may not face any issue in respect to Ubuntu version.
I hope it helps. I will be glad to help, if you need further assistance.
Kind Regards

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