[GeoNode-users] GeoNode questions

Magnus Nilsson johnrobot at gmail.com
Tue Apr 23 05:19:24 PDT 2019


I have had a quick look at using GeoNode as an SDI tool for our
organization and I have a few initial questions:

   - The web maps don´t seem to work well on mobile clients. Very small
   buttons and trouble zooming, for example. Is that being worked on? I tried
   with Firefox on my S9.
   - Is it correct that GeoNode does not support uploading GeoPackage
   files? We use this format quite a lot for our geodata and going back to SHP
   seems like a step in the wrong direction.
   - When uploading a data set, I get an option for creating metadata. Can
   this step be made mandatory (including defining the mandatory fields)? I
   would like to avoid setting up an environment where users upload data sets,
   but skip the metadata step.
   - When choosing to create a map from a layer, the view is not centered
   on the data set. Wouldn´t this be more useful?
   - When I click ”Zoom To Max Extent”, the map zooms out to the whole
   globe (even without a background map selected). Wouldn´t it be more useful
   to zoom out to the extent of the data added by the user?
   - The ”Get Feature Info” tool doesn´t close the previous pop up
   window(s) when clicking again, so I can quickly get 5-10 windows blocking
   the map. Is this a known issue?
   - Using the same tool, I noticed that Swedish characters (å/ä/ö) in
   attribute values do not work, using UTF-8 encoding.
   - I noticed that the translation to Swedish is incomplete and sometimes
   misleading. Is the latest translation pulled from Transifex for each
   official release?

I used http://master.demo.geonode.org/ for my tests.


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