[GeoNode-users] GeoNode questions (Magnus Nilsson)

Toni Schönbuchner toni.schoenbuchner at csgis.de
Mon Apr 29 07:23:36 PDT 2019

Dear Magnus,

>   - The web maps don´t seem to work well on mobile clients. Very small
>   buttons and trouble zooming, for example. Is that being worked on? I tried
>   with Firefox on my S9.

There is an excellent alternative to GeoExplorer, which will hopefully be integrated
as standard viewer soon:

https://github.com/geosolutions-it/geonode-mapstore-client <https://github.com/geosolutions-it/geonode-mapstore-client>
https://mapstore.geo-solutions.it/mapstore/ <https://mapstore.geo-solutions.it/mapstore/>
>   - Is it correct that GeoNode does not support uploading GeoPackage
>   files? We use this format quite a lot for our geodata and going back to SHP
>   seems like a step in the wrong direction.

Haven´t tested but it should work when using:
https://github.com/GeoNode/django-osgeo-importer <https://github.com/GeoNode/django-osgeo-importer>
as Uploader.

>   - When uploading a data set, I get an option for creating metadata. Can
>   this step be made mandatory (including defining the mandatory fields)? I
>   would like to avoid setting up an environment where users upload data sets,
>   but skip the metadata step.

As far as I know not out of the box. But it shouldn´t be too hard to customize
geonode_project to work like this.
https://github.com/GeoNode/geonode-project <https://github.com/GeoNode/geonode-project>

>   - When choosing to create a map from a layer, the view is not centered
>   on the data set. Wouldn´t this be more useful?

It does with Mapstore2 as Viewer ...

>   - When I click ”Zoom To Max Extent”, the map zooms out to the whole
>   globe (even without a background map selected). Wouldn´t it be more useful
>   to zoom out to the extent of the data added by the user?

Should work like this with GeoExplorer (this is the Viewer you might have tested)
as well. Anyways, see the preceding  answer :)

>   - The ”Get Feature Info” tool doesn´t close the previous pop up
>   window(s) when clicking again, so I can quickly get 5-10 windows blocking
>   the map. Is this a known issue?

Not reported by anyone yet.

>   - Using the same tool, I noticed that Swedish characters (å/ä/ö) in
>   attribute values do not work, using UTF-8 encoding.

Well, this should definitely work. Unfortunately, this can have several reasons starting with 
your data import to geoserver. For things like that you´re always welcome to file an issue at Github.

>   - I noticed that the translation to Swedish is incomplete and sometimes
>   misleading. Is the latest translation pulled from Transifex for each
>   official release?

It is not, unfortunately, Transifex is outdated and people who contribute to translations are very welcome.

With best regards,



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