[GeoNode-users] Is it possible to have a library of reusable styles

Peter Thiem peterthiem at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 16:13:37 PST 2019

Hi Geonode users,

I'm considering using geonode to store and share and visualise large number
of farm plot maps for a research farm.

Each layer for a research study would have a number of attributes for each
farm plot collected during the experiment (i.e. fertiziler amount,
moisture, seek yield, plant height, etc).

I'm thinking to use a different style for each type of attribute, that
could be associated with the layer depending the attributes that layer has,
and the user can choose between the associated styles.

In my attempts to get them to work, i create styles in the geonode admin
interface, but then they seem to get deleted automatically if they are not
associated with a layer.

And to really get the layer setup and working, i seem to need to create it
in geoserver and in geonode.

I'm not sure i understand how Geonode manages styles and intends for users
to operate them.


Is it possible and sensible to have a library of styles that can be shared
between maps? Why or why not?

Or are styles really meant to be associated with a single layer (rather
than as a library)?

If so, how would I set them up, properly?

Is there a better approach to making it easier for the users to visualise
different attributes in each layer?

Cheers, Peter.
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