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Amanda Miner amanda.j.miner at gmail.com
Wed Jun 5 14:22:38 PDT 2019

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the list and also to Geonode (although It’s up and running for
the first time - hosted for very little cost by Acu GIS/Cited). My dilemma
is this: I’m based in the US, but am setting up a Geonode application for a
local government in West Africa. Their bandwidth drops out a fair bit, so I
don’t want them to have a terrible experience with using it. Does anyone
have any experience with customizing solutions for Geonode apps in low
bandwidth areas? I heard someone integrated Geogig with Geonode to help
with this issue - does anyone know anything about that, or any other
solutions?? I’ve also been asked to do a similar project in Central Africa
- where the bandwidth is even worse.

They want it to be a web application for a couple of reasons - their
hardware is pretty old and the capacity for running Geonode on a local VM
is not something they want to maintain long term (and I would need govt
permission to do this anyway). I really like the fact that there are a
couple of commercially hosted Open Source solutions now to keep this
working in terms of updates and correct setup, because it makes using an
open source solution much more feasible and sustainable. But that means
it’s internet-dependent, obviously. There are commercial solutions that
state they will keep working if the internet drops out and then resync when
bandwidth returns, but these communities can not afford that kind of
ongoing cost. Is there a solution like this for Geonode?

FYI Any free portals (eg ESRI’s Africa GeoPortal) won’t work for this, as
they will have private healthcare data in the app. Plus they do need some
specific customization for their needs anyway.

Or perhaps there’s another tool out there that I should consider also? (I
see that GeoMajas and GeoMoose are offered with hosting and maintenance,
but don’t know much about them).

Any help from you all would be so appreciated - really grateful for your
input and ideas. FYI, I am a GIS Specialist by trade, have tinkered with
code & webmaps before, but am most definitely not a developer!

Thank you,
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