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Cristiano Giovando giovand at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 03:51:48 PDT 2019

Hi Amanda,

Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your challenges with
running GeoNode in a low bandwidth environment. I often work with very
similar scenarios and despite not having a definitive answer, these are
some mechanisms that we use to mitigate issues:

- Optimization of data for upload, using compression for smaller transfers
- Clip&ship function for downloading smaller subsets (e.g.
- Add link to download "original dataset" to avoid long transfer
interactions via standard OWS
- Use of new map viewer (MapStore) that optimizes pagination of many layers
from catalog requests
- Simple theme customization and use of web-optimized graphics/images for
the homepage
- Set up of a "portable" GeoNode on light hardware (e.g. Intel NUC) for
offline environments, serving over LAN

We are currently also investigating improvements on the general UI, to
optimize and compress necessary libraries, but this may take some time and
code refactoring. There are also ideas to develop asynchronous
download/upload functionalities (e.g. through Dropbox like integrations)
which would help for data transfers over unstable connections.

Hope this helps!

On Wed, Jun 5, 2019 at 11:22 PM Amanda Miner <amanda.j.miner at gmail.com>

> Hi everyone,
> I’m new to the list and also to Geonode (although It’s up and running for
> the first time - hosted for very little cost by Acu GIS/Cited). My dilemma
> is this: I’m based in the US, but am setting up a Geonode application for a
> local government in West Africa. Their bandwidth drops out a fair bit, so I
> don’t want them to have a terrible experience with using it. Does anyone
> have any experience with customizing solutions for Geonode apps in low
> bandwidth areas? I heard someone integrated Geogig with Geonode to help
> with this issue - does anyone know anything about that, or any other
> solutions?? I’ve also been asked to do a similar project in Central Africa
> - where the bandwidth is even worse.
> They want it to be a web application for a couple of reasons - their
> hardware is pretty old and the capacity for running Geonode on a local VM
> is not something they want to maintain long term (and I would need govt
> permission to do this anyway). I really like the fact that there are a
> couple of commercially hosted Open Source solutions now to keep this
> working in terms of updates and correct setup, because it makes using an
> open source solution much more feasible and sustainable. But that means
> it’s internet-dependent, obviously. There are commercial solutions that
> state they will keep working if the internet drops out and then resync when
> bandwidth returns, but these communities can not afford that kind of
> ongoing cost. Is there a solution like this for Geonode?
> FYI Any free portals (eg ESRI’s Africa GeoPortal) won’t work for this, as
> they will have private healthcare data in the app. Plus they do need some
> specific customization for their needs anyway.
> Or perhaps there’s another tool out there that I should consider also? (I
> see that GeoMajas and GeoMoose are offered with hosting and maintenance,
> but don’t know much about them).
> Any help from you all would be so appreciated - really grateful for your
> input and ideas. FYI, I am a GIS Specialist by trade, have tinkered with
> code & webmaps before, but am most definitely not a developer!
> Thank you,
> Amanda
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