[GeoNode-users] django.urls.exceptions.NoReverseMatch: Reverse for 'account_login' not found. 'account_login' is not a valid view function or pattern name

edgar mlowe mloweedgar0 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 12 03:10:35 PDT 2019


While adding my own django app to geonode following this guide here
I get error *django.urls.exceptions.NoReverseMatch: Reverse for
'account_login' not found. 'account_login' is not a valid view function* *or
pattern name* when I add url for  my custom app in my_geonode/url.py.

Iam using docker-compose to run my geonode in development mode using guide
from here https://github.com/GeoNode/geonode-project.
Thanks in advance for  anyone who can help me.

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