[GeoNode-users] Geonode over https

Silvia Salsone salsone at planetek.it
Mon Nov 18 05:28:05 PST 2019

Hi all,
I deploy geonode with docker on my server.
I would use https so I create my docker-compose.override.<my domain>... file and change variables like

      - GEONODE_LB_HOST_IP=<my domain>
      - GEONODE_LB_PORT=80
      - SITEURL=https://<my domain>/
      - ALLOWED_HOSTS=[<my domain>]
      - GEOSERVER_PUBLIC_LOCATION=https:// <my domain>/geoserver/
      - GEOSERVER_WEB_UI_LOCATION=https:// <my domain>/geoserver/

But when  I upload a layer I received an "Unexpected error!".
Network monitor, in my browser, lists calls to

http://<my<http://%3cmy> domain>/upload/progress

instead of

https://<my<https://%3cmy> domain>/upload/progress

receiving "Mixed Block".
Why geonode redirect_to http instead of https?

I have to configure other variables?

Thanks in advance.
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