[GeoNode-users] LDAP configuration and troubleshooting in SPCGeonode

Chiara Sammarco chiara.sammarco at geodatalab.it
Tue Oct 29 06:42:10 PDT 2019

Hi Everyone,
I'm having some troubles in configuring AUTH LDAP in geonode 2.10 (Ubuntu
18.04). Actually, I'm using SPCGeoNode, so I'm dealing with docker
I've read and used this guide to setup my configuration:
but it's not working yet. It does not give any error, but it says that the
credentials are not valid.

About this guide, there's a paragraph in the end called "Keep Users and
Group Synchronized" -> I couldn't what is written there. Can someone be
more specific? how to synchronize users and groups in the dockerized
version of geonode? I tried to work that code inside the docker container,
but couldn't understand it totally how it should be.

Anyway, as far as I've understood, if the configuration is correct, once an
LDAP user tries to log in for the first time, a new user in geonode should
get created ...  For being more complete: I've also created the groups in
geonode and giving all the rights in the list in the Admin Panel... but

I've checked the connection to my LDAP server using ldap-search and it
works ... so or Iìm missing something else or something is wrong with the

Can someone explain how to set up LDAP configuration parameters, given  a
sample LDAP user schema?

Another more important question is: how can I do troubleshooting of LDAP
configuration with the SPCGeonode? I tried to make "docker logs
<container>" but I haven't found anything for guessing where is the problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Any suggestion is more than welcome :)

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