[GeoNode-users] Background layers in the print tool

Maxime Audet-Roberge maximeaudetr at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 14 06:23:13 PST 2020

Good day GeoNode users,

I have a few questions regarding the print tool in GeoNode, more specifically about printing backgrounds. It seems that only a few backgrounds layers (Open Street Map and Sentinel-2 Cloudless) are printed. The others I tried are not displayed, there is only a white background. I tried Open Topo Map, HERE maps, Stamen and a few others without success.

I see in the json file that is sent in the post request that the layer list is empty for all the background layers that are not displayed while OSM and Sentinel are in the layer list when they are selected.

Is it normal that only 2 background layers are printed? Do you guys managed to print other backgrounds? If so, is there a list of printable backgrounds?

Thanks a lot!


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