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Florian Hoedt florian.hoedt at thuenen.de
Tue Mar 17 02:27:46 PDT 2020

Hello together, 
Thanks to Toni for proposing me as PSC member. I would like to cover the view of scientists and research inside the PSC and foster further developments, eg by getting funding for GeoNode v4 inside one of the big research calls in the EU (horizon 2020) or germany (NFDI - national research data infrastructure). Even though I am a master of science in geoinformationscience and -systems, I want to be honest and tell that I am not a *very* experienced pythonista or frontend guy but continuously learn and getting more and more familiar with the insides of GeoNode (and knowing which PRs to approve or not ;)). 'My' institute is an official contributor to the project and I have the formal task (as in 'I am payed to do') to work for the project. 

If I had to decide, I would not choose between me and Giovanni - whichs PSC membership I welcome - but add us both to the committee :P 

MSc Florian Hoedt 
Coordinator Geoinformatics | OpenData Representative 
Thünen Institute, Centre for Information Management 
Bundesallee 44 
38116 Braunschweig 

Tel: +49 531 596-1428 
Fax: +49 531 596-1499 
Mail: florian.hoedt at thuenen.de 
Web: www.thuenen.de 

The Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute, Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries – Thünen Institute in brief – consists of 14 specialized institutes that carry out research and provide policy advice in the fields of economy, ecology and technology. 

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Betreff: Re: GeoNode PSC members status 

Dear all, 

thanks a lot for opening the process for a new PSC Membership. 
I very welcome Allesio's proposal of Giovanni, who I know as a very skilled and friendly person. 

I hereby would like to suggest Florian Hoedt as a second candidate. 
Florian is working at Thünen Institut as coordinator for Geoinformatics. 
He is a skilled and responsive community member with a clear vision for the future of GeoNode. 
Further, you might know Florian as the main organizer of the upcoming summit. 

With best regards, 


Am 16.03.2020 um 23:18 schrieb [ mailto:geonode-users-request at lists.osgeo.org | geonode-users-request at lists.osgeo.org ] : 

Dear all, 
with the stepping down of Paolo from the PSC, we are now below the lowest limit of members on the PSC of GeoNode. 

I would like to ask here if there are people from the community interested to join the PSC and/or to the other PSC members if they would like to propose someone to be part of the PSC. 

As stated from our community laws, we don't need a formal votation that involves all the community. This is something that we can handle internally as PSC, unless there are situations requiring feedbacks from the community. 

I personally would like to endorse (if he is interested) Giovanni Allegri from GeoSolutions; a very skilled and experienced project manager. Knows very well Python, Postgres and uses GeoNode and its customizations on a daily basis. 


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