[GeoNode-users] "updatelayers" won't update layers' metadata form GeoServer to GeoNode

Piero Campalani piero.campa at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 01:11:33 PDT 2021

Hi list,

it looks like the updatelayers utility [1] does not actually update an
existing layer's metadata (eg. title, abstract, etc.) in the GeoNode
database; on the contrary, the Geoserver layer's metadata is reverted
back to what is set in GeoNode.

This is probably a bug, as the utility clearly says that the direction
of update is *from* GeoServer to GeoNode. Is that right?

(Using GeoNode 3.1.0.dev1594125542)

Thank you!

(Looking at the source, it probably goes all down to the gs_slurp()
helper function, which is probably where the update is missing ? )

[1] https://cs-geonode.readthedocs.io/en/master/admin/mgmt_commands/index.html#management-command-updatelayers

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