[GeoNode-users] Enable INSPIRE Metadata in GeoNode and GeoServer

Rafael Sá rafael.sa at ua.pt
Tue Aug 9 14:05:17 PDT 2022


I am using GeoNode (version 3.3.2) in a project, where one of the requirements is to be INSPIRE compliant.

I have seen that in settings.py the metadata:inspire['enabled'] is set to True. However, in the metadata details not all the fields that are required are there.

I tried to enable the INSPIRE extension in GeoServer, but it asks for a Service Metadata URL, and a Service Metadata Type (CSW GetRecord by ID request OR Online ISO 19139 Service Metadata Document). Using GeoNode, what URL should I enter?

Even if I'm using GeoServer with the INSPIRE standard, how can I display the INSPIRE metadata in the GeoNode interface? Is there any configuration I need to do, or do I have to add the fields manually (similar to the example in the documentation<https://docs.geonode.org/en/3.3.x/devel/workshops/index.html> where you add the DOI field)?

Thanks in advance,
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