[GeoNode-users] Raspberry Pi 4 8gb arm64

Jan Willem van der Lichte jwgvanderlichte at gmail.com
Fri May 5 02:20:15 PDT 2023

I was trying to install Geonode on a raspbery pi 4, with 8gb of memory
After installing ubuntu 22.04 on it , I wanted to install geonode using
Here comes the problem. It didn't work, for the database I needed the
platform arm64 version to install it.
"no matching manifest for linux/arm64 in the manifest entries"

I ended up with a discussion I found (
https://github.com/postgis/docker-postgis/issues/216) .
Also I found that kartoza has multiple version of the docker for postgis
with postgres >14

So now the hard part, can I change the official geonode/postgis by a
kartoza one
and how to do so?
Just wondering,
has anyone any experience on this issue
Or are there any plans in the official release to upgrade the database to a
version which does support arm64?

Jan WIllem
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