[geos-devel] GEOS on Solaris?!

Carsten Neumann CarstenNeumann at web.de
Sun Apr 13 16:02:55 EDT 2003


Yes, the "autogen.sh" script works just fine to repair/create the missing
makefiles. But it didn't solve the real problem. I just recompiled the
library from scratch (after uploading the latest version) an retried the
tests and examples (without changing anything).

Here is the output:

> SimpleWKTTester
Start Testing:
Segmentation Fault

> cat WKTOut
POINT(110 130)
POINT (110.0000000000000000 130.0000000000000000)

So at least the POINT (it also works with several points) gets processed.
But none of the more complex objects.
Other tests:

> CoordinateListsExample

Segmentation Fault

> CustomCoordinateListExample

CoordinateList cl: (11,11,1.7e-308) (140,200,1.7e-308) (240,200,1.7e-308)
(55,55,1.7e-308) (140,120,1.7e-308)
CoordinateList cl: (140,120,1.7e-308) (140,200,1.7e-308) (240,200,1.7e-308)
(240,120,1.7e-308) (140,120,1.7e-308)

POLYGON ((140.0000000000000000 120.0000000000000000, 140.0000000000000000
200.0000000000000000, 240.0000000000000000 200.0000000000000000,
240.0000000000000000 120.0000000000000000, 140.0000000000000000
Segmentation Fault


.. Carsten.

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