[geos-devel] Windows Build

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Wed Sep 5 23:21:55 EDT 2007

Charlie Savage wrote:
>> copy headers/geos/platform.h.vc headers/geos/platform.h
>> copy headers/geos/version.h.vc headers/geos/version.h
>> AFAIR, makefile.vc does it for you, at least for platform.h.
> The VC++ project files already do this as a pre-build step.  So this
> shouldn't be an issue.
> Note I did the same thing for the capi file recently.


Understood, great!

>>> We switched to using project files, but then there were errors
>>> building the python and ruby bindings (which we don't need).
>> These projects for scripting langs have been added quite recently,
>> by Charlie Savage. Perhaps something is not completed or not working
>> well yet, but you can just remove these projects from the solution.
> Yes, just don't build them.  The problem with those project files is
> that they assume where ruby/python are located.  I suppose I could setup
> the project files to call out to a script and try to figure it out, but
> that didn't seem worth the bother.

Perhaps macros in VC++ Property Sheets will work for this.
It's possible to define macros like RUBY_DIR in a common Property Sheet
file (.vcprops) and then share this file among all projects.

Here is example of .vcprops:


The sheet is editable from View -> Property Manager in the IDE.

Mateusz Loskot

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