[geos-devel] 3.2.0 Final

Maxime van Noppen maxime at altribe.org
Sat Dec 12 06:14:44 EST 2009

strk wrote:
> Yes but then we'll have to add new friends everytime a new class is added
> and it's something increasing the maintainance cost.

You're right.

> If we could mark
> a whole namespace as a friend that'd be 1:1 mapping with JTS I guess, and
> no additional maintainance cost.

It's unfortunately not possible, friends are only function & classes.

I'm curious about the design though. You're talking about "packages".
What to they represent in Geos and what is their role ? I don't now the
exact problematic but some design idioms might help (virtual friend
functions, ...). Is there any documentation about geos design and the
reasons that motivated it ?


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