[geotk] Illegal argument: uom

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Thu Mar 18 06:00:45 EDT 2010

Hello Robert

Thanks for your XML fragment. After a closer look, it seems that the URL given 
to the uom attribute is incomplete. The provided URL is:


(note: maybe the path should be completed with "/uom/gmxUom.xml"), and some 
stuff are expected at the end for giving the actual units.

Current Geotk implementation actually ignores the URL, but expects a "@gml:id" 
fragment at the end of it. For example:


An alternative more often seen with the "http://" protocol is to end the URL 
with something like "#m".

How do you generated the XML? Do you have any control on it? Otherwise I'm not 
sure what should be the Geotk default behavior when the URL is incomplete...


Le 17/03/10 17:30, Robert Csok a écrit :
> while unmarshalling an ISO 19115 document I got the following exception: "IllegalArgumentException: Illegal argument: "uom=http://standards.iso.org/[...]"".
> The exception was caused by org.geotoolkit.internal.jaxb.uom.Measure.setUOM() during the call to Units.valueOf() (Measure.java: line 134).
> I am using geotk-SNAPSHOT from March. I think I haven't had such a problem with older Geotoolkit versions. According to ISO 19118 the attribute "uom" is allowed to contain any URI string. How can I go around this problem?

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