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Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Tue Feb 4 05:55:27 PST 2014

Hello Emmanuel

I'm not familiar with WPS myself, so I asked Quentin to teach me a 
little bit about this issue. There is my understanding:

The WPS output format is apparently not restricted by the WPS standard. 
It could be GML, a Feature, a Coverage, a sensor observation or any 
objects defined by an other standard. So it seems difficult to said if 
we implement fully WPS, because the spectrum seems endless.

The output XML schema is inferred from the MIME type. For this reason, 
"application/xml" is hard to use because it does not give indication 
about that schema. Indeed, "application/xml" does not appear in the list 
of MIME types recommended by WPS. Geotk nevertheless tries to guess the 
schema when facing some MIME types. But this guess is limited to a set 
of pre-defined schemas known to Geotk.

We could add "application/xml" to the list of MIME types for which Geotk 
tries to guess the schema, but we are not sure that it would be 
sufficient. Alternatively if you have some control on the WPS server, 
you may try to change the MIME type to one of the types listed in 
https://portal.opengeospatial.org/files/?artifact_id=47860 and add a 
schema declaration. Next, whether Geotk will be able to parse the output 
or not depends on the schema used. If this is GML, there is chances that 
Geotk can parse it.


Le 03/02/14 16:45, Emmanuel Blondel a écrit :
> Thanks Martin,
> I've further tested the WPS. For some processes in the Demo 52North 
> WPS, and for this example: 
> http://wps01.i-marine.d4science.org/wps/WebProcessingService?service=WPS&request=DescribeProcess&version=1.0.0&identifier=com.terradue.wps_hadoop.processes.fao.intersection.Intersection, 
> I get a warning because of the WPS output.
> Indeed the process here above, only specifies a "application/xml" 
> mimetype as output, hence no class is found by WPSIO.findClass(). I'm 
> not fully aware of the supported formats (including mimetype, encoding 
> & schema) in OGC WPS spec and I'd like to have confirmation (or not) 
> that the WPSIO fully aligns the OGC WPS spec. In case yes, it will 
> allow me to request improvements to properly manage WPSoutput formats 
> in iMarine WPS.
> Thanks in advance for your reply
> Emmanuel

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