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Dieter Stüken d.stueken at conterra.de
Wed Feb 5 09:08:48 PST 2014

Hi there,

I'm just refactoring a quite old Java desktop application. It has some GIS capabilities and I think about to replace them by Geotools.
I found Puzzle-gis which looks very similar to our tool (even if the development currently seems to stall).
I take it as an example learn, how GeoTools may be used.

I just try some of the demos like CoordinateConversion.java to get a feeling how it works.

I used  AuthorityFactory:: createObject()  and CSAuthorityFactory:: createUnit() to get an overview.

Playing around I got a problem with jsr-275 Unit for EPSG 9003[ft]:
Unit.toString() raises an IllegalArgumentException: Only integer factors are supported in UCUM

Wrong version of jsr-275-0.9.3.jar? Will jsr-275 remain or will it be replaced some day?

Is there some roadmap about what is going on with geotoolkit, geotoolkit-pending and sis?
SIS looks very promising. Moving towards immutable objects and using Java7/JaxB is exactly what we did too last year.
(We even entered Java8 recently, Lambda is pure fun...)


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