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Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Wed Feb 5 10:49:48 PST 2014

Hello Dieter

Le 05/02/14 18:08, Dieter Stüken a écrit :
> I found Puzzle-gis which looks very similar to our tool (even if the 
> development currently seems to stall).
The developer is Johan Sorel, who is on this list. Maybe he can comment.

> Playing around I got a problem with jsr-275 Unit for EPSG 9003[ft]:
> Unit.toString() raises an IllegalArgumentException: Only integer 
> factors are supported in UCUM
> Wrong version of jsr-275-0.9.3.jar? Will jsr-275 remain or will it be 
> replaced some day?
JSR-275 has been rejected by the JCP, so this project is theoretically 
dead. However its former leader, Werner Keil, is considering to start a 
new JSR attempt. That would be the third! But he got support from 
various communities. I do not yet have a clear picture about the future, 
but the choices are:

  * Werner succeed in starting a new JSR, in which case I would keep the
    JSR-275 dependency unchanged until the new JSR has some prototype,
    in order to reduce compatibility break (assuming that the new JSR
    keep the javax.measure.unit package name).
  * We get confirmation that no JSR will be restarted, in which case I
    will replace all current JSR-275 dependency by a
    org.unitsofmeasurement interface with a custom implementation.

Wermer's effort is ongoing right now, so I plan to wait a few months to 
see what come out. In the main time, we are forced to deal with current 
Unit using special cases like if (unit == NonSI.FOOT) symbol = "ft"; Of 
course this is not very convenient, but hopefully will be resolved some day.

> Is there some roadmap about what is going on with geotoolkit, 
> geotoolkit-pending and sis?
We have an issue with Apache's wiki lately, so I was not able to edit 
the Apache SIS wiki page. But the roadmap is:

  * Apache SIS 0.4 release candidate as soon as I have completed the two
    following tasks:
      o Support of WKT 2 (a.k.a. ISO 19162) formatting - this work is in
        progress right now
      o Review of the Shapefile datastore base started by an other
  * Release of Geotk 4.0-M1 milestone right after SIS 0.4 release.
  * Removal of deprecated Geotk classes that moved to Apache SIS.
  * New "port Geotk classes to SIS, then deprecate the ported Geotk
    classes" cycle. The next cycle toward Apache SIS 0.5 will include:
      o Map projections
      o EPSG database
  * At some point in the future (timeline not yet determined), Geotk and
    Geotk-pending will be merged in a single project.

> SIS looks very promising. Moving towards immutable objects and using 
> Java7/JaxB is exactly what we did too last year.
> (We even entered Java8 recently, Lambda is pure fun...)
Thanks for the feedback :-). I also wish to start a JDK8 branch on SIS 
soon, hopefully after SIS 0.4 release.



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