Lars Schylberg larss at lmv.lm.se
Tue Dec 17 10:56:55 EST 1991

Hello everyone !  This list is something that I been looking forward
to for a long time.  My name is Lars Schylberg and I'm working at the
National Land Survey of Sweden.  I have been working on the issue of
raster generalization of cartographic data bases for the last year
(with GRASS).  I will hopefully release a couple of nice programs
later this spring about this, when they are fully tested.
But to start out with something I'm sending my little script that I
wrote this morning.  It gives information of how much disk space each
cell file is using.

Lars Schylberg
National Land Survey of Sweden           Dept. of Photogrammetry
R&D Departmant                           Royal Inst. of Technology
S-80112 Gavle, Sweden                    10044 Stockholm, Sweden

larss at lmv.lm.se                          larss at fmi.kth.se
#  r.sizes.sh
#  list size of the files in the raster files in the cell directory
#  and the raster file names
#  This version uses the gnu version of awk, since split is not
#  included in the standard awk on Sun.
#  Author: Lars Schylberg, 911217 (larss at fmi.kth.se)
ls -l $LOCATION/cell/* | gawk '{n=split($8, filen, "/");
                                printf "%10d  %s\n", $4, filen[n]}'
####  end of r.sizes.sh

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