request for help getting postscript files out of grass4.0

Joe Vaughan jkv at
Tue Feb 18 14:37:01 EST 1992

I just had a conversation with an experienced GRASS user here at UofA about how
to generate PostScript files of maps for movement across a network and printing
on a color postscript printer.  It was suggested that I pose the question to
you.  I am looking at mapgen ( and intend to attend the tutorial at GRASS'92 )
but it seems to imply that the device drivers are for physically attached units.
Alternatively, are any of the device drivers provided with mapgen with GRASS4.0
for color-ps printers?  I also looked at the info on xgen but at this point I
don't see the relevance of xgen to generating color-ps files.
Any help would be most apreciated.
Thank You.
Joe Vaughan

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