request for help getting postscript files out of grass4.0

John E. Parks john at
Tue Feb 18 16:14:46 EST 1992


To get a grass map to color PostScript, I can think if two ways...
  both require that you have the ppm software (comes with grass)

(1) o Display the map in a GRASS X-Windows Display
    o run: xwd | xwdtopnm | ppmtops -scale X > (where X is 
      some value like .8 just small enough that ppmtops does not complain
      about the image being too wide... trial and error)

(2) o select the driver ppm in (if you have it compiled) and
      run with your scale set to 8inches.  Run the script.
      (This put a file paint.ppm in your home dir)
    o run: ppmtops -scale .75 - >

Hope this helps...

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