request for help getting postscript files out of grass4.0

Chris Murphy murphyc at
Fri Feb 21 00:00:25 EST 1992

John Parks writes: 
> To get a grass map to color PostScript, I can think if two ways...
>   both require that you have the ppm software (comes with grass)
>   compiled.
> (1) o Display the map in a GRASS X-Windows Display
>     o run: xwd | xwdtopnm | ppmtops -scale X > (where X is 
>       some value like .8 just small enough that ppmtops does not complain
>       about the image being too wide... trial and error)
> (2) o select the driver ppm in (if you have it compiled) and
>       run with your scale set to 8inches.  Run the script.
>       (This put a file paint.ppm in your home dir)
>     o run: ppmtops -scale .75 - >

Just a side note: if your image is better printed in landscape mode, you can
rotate the ppm file 90 degrees before running ppmtops instead of sending
commands to the printer.  An easy way to rotate the ppm is to insert 
 pnmflip -rotate90 |   into the pipe stream between xwdtopnm and ppmtops as
described in (1), or to run  pnmflip -r90 paint.ppm   before running ppmtops 
as described in (2).  The ppm software works very well, from my experience.

Chris Murphy  murphyc at
Dept. of Entomology, Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon USA

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