user selection of displayed points-- ideas solicited

Joe Vaughan jkv at
Tue Jun 16 12:27:19 EDT 1992

  I am developing an application toallow a user to select points forming
the vertices of a polygon bounding points of further interest.  The
background is displayed using d.rast, and points and labels are
generated with d.sites and d.paint.labels.  I then use d.where to
capture the points the user wants as vertices.  I massage these points
into an ascii vector file and use and to get a
GRASS vector map, and then v.area allows me to redisplay it and fill it.
Now I want to make the vector file into a raster file, include any
necessary support files, and turn the area of my polygon ( or perhaps a
slightly larger area as might result from 'grow'ing it ) into a mask.
Then I want to use the mask to copy out just the sites of interest
somewhere else.   Questions:
* seems to only run in interactive mode.  How can I get
around this?
*  what determines the values in the resulting raster file?  Do I need
to have attribute values for my vector file to get  raster values?
*  Once I have my mask, what operation would do a good job of giving me
just the sites within my polygon?

Comments are appreciated.

               Joseph K. Vaughan
               University of Arizona
               Institute of Atmospheric Physics
               PAS Bldg, Rm 470
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