xgrass, multiple users and photos

Chris W Skelly gewcs at jcu.edu.au
Fri Dec 17 01:13:04 EST 1993

Hi Folks,

Just getting back into the grass swing of things after
a long lay-off! I have three questions:

1. Does xgrass require motif to run? or will the standard 
   X11 packaged libraries suffice?

2. Can I run a class of 12 on grass? We have pc xemulators
   running in our lab and I'd like to run a grass session
   off our sun for their practicals.

3. i see some new air photo stuff including orthographic
   corretion---well done! Has anyone written some code to 
   use the parallax equations to generate a DEM, if not,
   it seems we are half way there already...any suggestions?


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