Motif 1.2 and XGRASS

Joe Plesha root at
Mon Dec 27 14:00:09 EST 1993

        Hi there,
        I have compiled xgrass on the HP9000 series machines using X11R5
    and motif 1.2. I encountered problems with keyboard input on the database
    window and an error with the xclip module. At first I thought this was
    an HP specific problem, until... Recently one of my colleagues compiled
    the same code GRASS 4.1 for the SUN on his SUN system using MIT's X11R5
    and Motif 1.2 (IXI) and had the same problems. Does anyone have any 
    ideas or comments? I would sure appreciate them. 
                                        Joe Plesha
                                        jplesha at 

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