Air pollution modelling

W. Fredrick Limp fred at
Tue Jun 29 21:59:51 EDT 1993

Some examples of plume models etc. were in a GrowingGRASS column
about two issues ago.  They might be a place to start.
> Doing practices at the DCMR Environmental Department of the Rijnmond area
> in the Netherlands (Rotterdam and surroundings), I am starting a minor project
> to model the spread of air pollution. Some BASIC programs exist (and also in
> other languages like C), which could provide a basis for doing this.
> However, none of the programs is fully satisfactory, having problems in
> involving elementary atmospheric variables (like the wind velocity).
> Furthermore, it won't be enough to model the spread of air pollution, the aim
> of the project is to locate the source of air pollution complaints, that are
> centrally registered at the DCMR.
> Therefore, I would like to request:
> -Does someone have experience in programming these kinds of models ?
> (Not necessarily in GRASS.)
> -Could he/she provide me some clues (or more), how to do this ? 
> -How could I include the basic atmospheric variables? Probably, problems
> will arise, due to the occurrence of atmospheric conversion layers in
> the summer time; is there a way to get around these problems (or should I
> ignore them and accept these limitations) ?
> I very much appreciate any help.
> Marc Groenenboom
> Internet: bdatyd at

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