Grass 4.0/4.1 interactive programmer's manual

Marek Hatala marek at
Wed Jun 30 11:38:32 EDT 1993

Hi Grass Programmers,

I have placed the interactive grass programmer's manual for the GRASS
4.0 and 4.1 on the /grass/incoming/OGI/source. 

It consists of two files:


If you have any questions and/or comments, please contact me via e-mail.
(hatala at

Here is a brief description of the progman:


     progman - The Grass 4.0/4.1 Interactive Programmer's Manual

     progman [n] [name]

     PROGMAN is a driver which uses the help file containing
     a programmers manual in the suitable form (progman.txt).
     The second file which PROGMAN uses is the index file 
     (progman.idx) which contains information about the structure
     of the help file. Both last mentioned files are created from
     the file genman.txt by the program GENMAN. The process of
     creation is controled by the simple shell (

     PROGMAN has two optional parameters in the command line. One
     of them is the function name mentioned above, the second one
     is the number of columns which is used to displaying lists of
     functions, chapters etc. PROGMAN is not able to detect the
     actual width of the window, but the texts are displayed by
     the standard unix function more, and this can handle different
     width of change.
        n - number of screen columns for menu (default: 80)
     name - the name of function

     PROGMAN can run in the four modes, which are selected at or
     after it's start time. They are:

        1 - Chapters structure
        2 - Index of functions
        3 - Index of Libraries

        4 - the fourth mode is call
                progman function_name

     1 - Chapters structure

        In this mode user can move across the Chapter structure in
        the manual in the same way as in the programmer's manual in
        printed form the file available from the ftp-server. When
        user chooses the chapter wich has subchapter(s), the one has
        to confirm if he want to see the whole chapter or "go into"
        it's structure. If the selected structure has no internal
        structure, it is simply displayed.
     2 - Index of functions

        The list of all functions is diplayed. The list is sorted
        according to function names. The user selects the function
        in which he is interested by it's number in the list. After
        this selection the definition of the function is displayed.

     3 - Index of Libraries

        This choise enables to select Grass library. The list of
        functions belonging to selected library is displayed. The
        next steps are the same as in the point 2.

     4 - 

        In this case PROGMAN tries to find the function_name in the
        list of all functions (point 2). If the function with this
        name is found, it's definition is displayed. In the other
        case PROGMAN displays the list of all functions beginning
        from the point where "the most likewise" function name is

     progman 60
        - every menu list will be displayed up to the 60 columns,
          the initial menu appears

     progman 60 Can_do
        - the same as above, but the definition of the function
          Can_do is displayed immediately

     progman Can_dr
        - the default number of columns (80) is used, the list of
          all functions is displayed from the position starting
          with Can_do (the most likewise)

     Marek Hatala
     Dept.of Cybern & Artificial Intelligence
     Technical University
     Letna 9/B
     041 20 Kosice
     Slovakia (Europe)

     email: hatala at

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