Grass 4.0/4.1 interactive programmer's manual

Raymond Venneker venn at
Wed Jun 30 12:17:08 EDT 1993

mccauley at ecn.purdue.eduwrites on Wed Jun 30 17:14:58 1993

> (btw, does anyone else think that "g.manual" a little long for a 
> command name? :-)
> --Darrell

Not just too long, I like better because it sounds unix. A lot of
students I teach are novices to GRASS and UNIX. I think they learn faster
if things are more consistent. So how about g.rm, g.cp instead of
g.remove, g.copy, etc.? It would really be great if the horrible
``option=name1,name2'' command line arguments would replaced for
unix syntax.

Raymond Venneker - Inst. of Earth Sc., Free University Amsterdam

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