Non-interactive access to Grass, change of LOCATION

O. Hellwich olaf at
Tue Jul 5 09:28:11 EDT 1994

I think Darrell McCauley answered your question a while ago.


>----- Begin Included Message -----
>	I want to enter and leave Grass without going through the 
>interactive entry and exit screens, preferably by entering something l>ike 
>"grass -d -l<> -m<>", the -d meaning "with 
>default settings". As I understand it this can be done by changing 
> Does anybody have such a that I can copy?
>	I also want to be able to migrate to another LOCATION without 
>leaving Grass first, so: g.location location=<> 
>I know there has been mail on these subjects, but I can't track it down 
>in my own archive. Perhaps some-one reading this did a better job...
>----- End Included Message -----

>I usually work with the same location day-in, day-out.
>Eventually, I found q&a in to be pesky. So...
>I put new_startup_scripts.shar.Z in grass/incoming on moon (a
>compressed sh archive). These files fix grass so that it has the
>following command line arguments:
>% grass4.1 -h
>grass4.1 [-f] [-e] [-l location] [-m mapset] [-d gisdbase] 
>-f says do a fast startup, i.e., skip the initialization screen
>-e says do a fast exit, i.e., skip the "GRASS SESSION WRAPUP"
>   (every had to sit through this for a LARGE database at 1200
>    buad?) 
>the others override defaults in ~/.grassrc and are self
>explanatory. minimal error checking is done. I used getopts (hope its
>portable, but if it's not, please suggest an alternative).
>If you'd like to see something like this in future versions,
>be sure to tell the appropriate people.
>James Darrell McCauley, Purdue Univ, West Lafayette, IN 47907-1146, USA
>mccauley at, mccauley%ecn at purccvm.bitnet, pur-ee!mccauley
>** will finish PhD/engr in 9/94 - need job. inquiries welcome (no hh, p>lz) **

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