Concurrent d.rast

rhills at rhills at
Wed Jul 6 09:13:59 EDT 1994

On Wed, 6 Jul 1994, Conn Copas wrote:

> Martin writes about my problems with running several 'd.rast' commands
> concurrently:
> All maps are in the same region. I guess my main questions are whether I have
> struck some limitation with GRASS, whether the problem is due to the use of
> an outdated X driver, or whether our installation process is the culprit. Any
> clues?

I seem to recall using UNIX "sleep" commands immediately after creating new
monitors in a script to avoid timing problems between d.mon and d.rast 
commands.  I don't remember how long to "sleep" to avoid the problem.

Randy Hills
National Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center, NWS, Minneapolis, MN

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