Concurrent d.rast

Conn Copas cvc at
Tue Jul 5 21:27:27 EDT 1994

Martin writes about my problems with running several 'd.rast' commands

1) Is there any reason why you shouldn't use one monitor with multiple
> frames?

Yes, by writing to frames I will lose basic window manager facilities such as
being able to reposition individual monitors. However, I must confess that I
don't understand why this should make a difference to my problem. Surely,
concurrent 'd.rast' processes will still be involved?
> 2) If your <map1> and <map2> are in different regions, that might cause
> trouble... 

All maps are in the same region. I guess my main questions are whether I have
struck some limitation with GRASS, whether the problem is due to the use of
an outdated X driver, or whether our installation process is the culprit. Any

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