Martin Ameskamp ma at informatik.uni-kiel.de
Wed Nov 13 07:00:00 EST 1996

> Hello GRASS programmers.  A couple of questions and/or
> comments looking for input about r.mapcalc
> (which I can't seem to find documented in the man pages).
> (I am trying to tidy up a r.mapcalc program which uses
> 8 temporary raster layers to calculate a single raster
> which is a function of 3 raster layers.  Seems just a tad
> wasteful).

        Hi Gordon,

        there's a r.mapcalc tutorial and extensive description
        which should be in /grass4.1/documents on moon.cecer.army.mil
        (look for files mapcalc-algebra.ps.Z, mapcalc.ps.Z, and

        In case you can't locate those files (I'm currently having trouble to
        connect to moon), they're also on


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