[GRASS5] Re: GRASS Projections (fwd) - UTM problem

Bill Brown brown at gomez.gis.uiuc.edu
Wed Nov 24 10:18:31 EST 1999

> Only thing needed is a one-liner in geo_init.c

This is a newer file (not in 4.2), so I haven't tracked down all
the changes in the projection handling - is this documented somewhere
online?  Or was this moved from m.proj to the gislib for some reason?

> But I wonder no one has noted this before...

As far as I know, GRASS programs were suppose to use either the proj lib
(e.g., r.proj, v.proj, m.proj) or coorcnv lib (m.*ll*) both of which 
include the scale factor of .9996 hard coded.  Somebody needs to look into
this more - I wouldn't assume the data has been incorrectly converted.


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