[GRASS5] GRASS internal errors: cell centers and windows

Bill Brown brown at gomez.gis.uiuc.edu
Tue Nov 23 18:15:27 EST 1999

> Bill, don't worry, I won't change anything related to this problem
> without your permission!

That's OK - if you had to wait for my permission, you'd never get 
anything done.  Just be careful, and use the old programs and 
programmer's manual as a guide (I would be amazed if there was an error
like this in d.rast or r.mapcalc or d.what.rast)

The r.stats error looks like it could be something to do with how 
the quant rules are set - I'd have to take some more time to look at
it, but it could be a problem with r.average.  There were some major
changes there: 

> r.stats: some inconsistent results comparing to r.average
>  *First, I compute the per-class averages:
>      r.average base=medv cover=test out=borra.me
>  *Second, I check the result for, i.e., class 23:
>      d.what.rast map=medv,borra.me
>      2676500(E) 4409500(N)
>            medv in user1  (23)S_SUPRAMEDITERRANEAN_ZONE
>            borra.me in user1, quant   (111)
>            borra.me in user1, actual  (110.794075)
>  *Third, I compute the statistics for each class, but the results are not
>   the same as given by d.what.rast. For example, for class 23:
>      r.stats -c in=medv,borra.me
>      r.stats:  100%
>        ...
>        23 110.299171-110.744906 6082
>        ...
>  *While d.what.rast was giving 110.794075. Is this a bug?

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