[GRASS5] coorcnv library

Andreas Lange Andreas.Lange at Rhein-Main.de
Fri May 19 14:51:11 EDT 2000

Hi Markus, Hi developers,

Markus Neteler wrote:

> > I found that the file datum.c (with functions for datum conversion) is
> > not compiled, i could not find any documentation on the CC_ functions.
> > grep'ing through the sources revealed some calls to the CC_ functions
> > (e. g. from some of the i. modules).
> This is strange, isn't it?

I found that no module in GRASS uses the functions from this file
(datum.c), which is good news, as i am free to redesign/rename them. 

> > What happend to m.datum.shift? It is not included in beta6/7 any more.
> I added it yesterday to CVS. It was missing, you are right. I
> took it from GRASS 4.x. I can send it to you or your
> grab it from the CVS.

I wrote some more functions for the coorcnv lib for datum shift and to
support a central datum.table (no hardcoded values for map datums, user
may add own datums, like the ellips.table), which will make writing an
enhanced version of m.datum.shift trivial. 

> > Are the other modules (m.ll2u, etc) tested?
> Not by me... Anyone else?

Most of the modules should work as far as i can say from the code. 

> Personally I would be glad if GRASS  supports datum conversion once/soon.

I hope i can get the library right in some days, but the problem is that
many modules must be changed (and the user must give another parameter
to them), this is too much work for me alone. If someone is interested,
please contact me.



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