[GRASS5] r3.showdspf (some answers)

Hall, Steve steve.hall at lmco.com
Sat May 6 19:36:08 EDT 2000

Dear Developers,

Markus Neteler has forwarded me some of the mail regarding r3.showdspf.

I'm happy to see that several of you are attempting to work with this
new version of r3.showdspf.  We have been using it for several weeks now
and I find it very useful in visualizing our processed weather data.

I'm afraid that I can't help much with the MESA problem.  We don't work
with MESA.  I was happy to hear that Markus had however succeeded in
running under MESA.  And I'm hoping that the source of the problem will
soon be revealed.

Regarding the comment that Dustin Moore found in the TODO file regarding
"Still need to convert to use OpenGL".   That file is a remnant of the
past and should have been deleted.

Regarding the references to Ken Sakai.  Ken, a very accomplished OpenGL
programmer working here at Lockheed Martin, performed most of the work
involved in this conversion.  (With some help from his friends and

Please let me know of any problems and/or bugs you find with the basic
OpenGL code.


Ps.  We did improve several features in the code in the process of
making the port.  Notice that the mouse driven rotation function is much
more intuitive and flexible in the ported version and is now consistent
with the way many similar applications perform.  Notice also that you
can rotate with the iso-surfaces intact and that it works reasonably
well even when you are displaying the data from a remote machine.   I
find that I now primarify use the tool in the 'r' rotation mode.

Steven B. Hall, Ph.D.
Lockheed Martin Space Systems
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1111 Lockheed Martin Way
Sunnyvale, CA  94089-3504

Phone: 408 742-2903
Fax: 408 756-2187
email:  steve.hall at lmco.com

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