[GRASS5] Re: [GRASSLIST:2339] s.surf.rst help

Andreas Lange Andreas.Lange at Rhein-Main.de
Fri Aug 10 10:28:19 EDT 2001

Hi Kevin,

are you working on Linux?
If so, i think you exceeded your quota file size limit. Could be around
100 MB. 
Try ulimit -f unlimited, put it into your shell init files. If you have
permissions you may disable it altogether.

But the error may be totally unrelated to that and s.surf.rst is messing
up something internally.

You should also check that the input values are sane, i can't remember
the parameters/workings of s.surf.rst. See



Kevin Slover wrote:
> File size limit exceeded (core dumped).
> I am trying to figure out more the second error message and it's
> implications.  What are the "file size" limits?  Is there another
> parameter that will help with actually getting this command to work for
> me?  Thanks...

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