[GRASS5] new vector modules

Radim Blazek radim.blazek at wo.cz
Sun Dec 16 15:28:12 EST 2001


I have uploaded some new modules:
  splits lines to line segments (I wrote about that as v.drop 2 weeks ago),
  may be used for cleaning boundaries in  vectors created from clean polygons

  thanks to Frank Warmerdam because it is based on his dgn library and dgndump
  was used for debuging. Frank, how should be this module linked to dgnlib? 
  Shape lib is commited to grass for example but dgnlib requires whole gdal.  
  Are vector  formats distributed in gdal library package?

  is not based on dgn lib but I used dgndump again in development.  
  Supports areas with islands and mslinks for example.

  creates paint labels along lines
  example:   http://www.raz-dva.cz/krakonos/lab.pdf

  added points and DBMI support, dbf may be created from database table
  accessed by DBMI. There is problem with char and varchar columns but 
  it is odbc driver bug. It is OK with Postgres. I'll look at it.

Should I upload?:
  it can only place new points on line ends and report network description
  in form:
  line_cat  first_point_cat  last_point_cat


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