[GRASS5] [bug #882] (grass) Configure errors

Andreas Lange Andreas.Lange at Rhein-Main.de
Thu Dec 20 09:58:49 EST 2001

Hi Bob,

Bob Covill wrote:
> Hello,
> I don't know if it is related or not. On my latest build (Solaris 7) I
> ran into some configure problems. The TCL / TK options would not build
> even though they are installed. When I examined the config.log I found
> compile errors related to the linker. I then manually editted configure
> and added the -lsocket -lnsl -ldl flags to the TCL and TK lines of
> configure. This allowed the test program to build and recognize that TCL
> / TK was installed on my system.

this would mean to add another compiler test to configure. On Solaris
you may use Suns binutils/assembler as well as the GNU
binutils/assembler. There may be differences if you use Sun compiler or
gcc, too.

> I also ran into the same problem of having to run configure with a whole
> lot of things disabled. To build it on my (dated?)  Solaris system I had
> to use the following....
> ./configure -with-postgress=no -with-gd=no -with-odbc=no -with-ddtw=no
> -with-blas=no -with-lapack=no -with-freetype=no
> I am used to disabling postgress for the Solaris but there seems to be
> alot more options that need disabling if packages are not installed. I
> am not a configure expert, but is it not possible for configure to
> disable the feature if it is not found, rather than exiting with an
> error?

as far as i remember the idea was that everything that should be build
from the GRASS list in src/CMD/lists/GRASS should be enabled by default
in configure. Otherwise everyone would have to edit the list or wonder
why some modules are in the error.log. But GRASS is a moving target, so
this may change sometimes. 

IMHO odbc, blas, lapack and freetype should be disabled, as they are not
strictly required. 

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