[GRASS5] r.in.gdal tiff and adf

Helena hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Fri Dec 21 23:01:46 EST 2001


thanks a lot for your test - I figured out the problem with the adf file - I was giving it
the name of
the actual raster file, however, it wanted the name of the directory where all the related
files were stored.
It may be good to modify the man page as follows
Name of an existing GDAL supported raster file or coverage directory (for adf) to be

to make it clear that the name of directory rather than a file may be needed.
I am guessing that I may have something similar with the tiff file because I imported
tif without problems, but I am probably not using it correctly ith my c0792_004.TIF file.
I will try to figure it out. I have the last weeks version of GRASS with the latest GDLA
from the GDAL web site.

thanks for your help,


Warmerdam wrote:

> Helena wrote:
> > Thank you for your answers. I have the files imported using other means but if anybody
> > (Frank?)
> > would like to look at them they are at
> > http://skagit.meas.ncsu.edu/~helena/grasswork/grassprobl/
> > the binary arcgrid is
> > in the directory lulc
> > and the tiff file is
> > c0792_004.TIF
> > output of tiffinfo is in the file tiffinfo
> > Markus cannot read it with r.in.gdal either, so there may be a problem.
> Helena,
> I had no problem accessing the lulc or TIFF information.  What GDAL shared
> library are you using?  Perhaps I should test with the same.   I am surprised
> Markus had a problem since he is working with a recent GDAL from CVS as far
> as I know.

> Best regards,
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