[GRASS5] Module file sizes

David D Gray ddgray at armadce.demon.co.uk
Mon Feb 19 16:51:12 EST 2001

Rich Shepard wrote:
>   I just added v.in.mif to /usr/local/grass5/bin and discovered that almost
> all of the files there are of the same size: 79244 bytes. A couple (other
> than v.in.mif that weighs in at 696526 bytes) are larger: r.weighted.cn and
> r.agnps50.run; one (tcltkgrass) is much smaller. Is it usual for different
> modules to compile to the same size?
> Just curious,
> Rich

Rich, yes sorry. In our private communication I misinformed you. The
contents of .../grass5/bin are all hard links to .../etc/front.end, (not
the actual module binary), but with the name of the called module. So
these links are all the same size.

This organisation allows a module to be called and then sort out whether
it uses the binary from the cmd/ or inter/ directory to handle the data.
No options -> use interactive; with options->use command line parser.

The module should be in .../grass5/etc/bin/cmd and make a hard link
etc/front.end <-> bin/v.in.mif.

The size of v.in.mif is mainly due to the generated scanner, which is
large but fast.



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