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Jeshua Lacock jeshua at
Fri Feb 16 17:56:17 EST 2001

Nico Tripcevich of UC Santa Barbara Anthropology wrote to me privately:
>Anyway, I'm writing you because I'm going to try to use GRASS for an
>archaeology project I'm doing in Peru and I just read about your X-windows
>port to MacOS X. I expect to try something similar in the next few months.
>Alternately I might try it under Linux, depending on how big of a job this
>turns into. The procedure I want to use (r.cva) is written for Grass 4.3 and
>it's not clear there is a v5.0 in the works, so I may be trying to build 4.3
>under OS X.

Does anyone know if r.cva functionality exists/will exist in GRASS5?


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