[GRASS5] G_sock_*, XDRIVER, and other fun...

Justin Hickey jhickey at hpcc.nectec.or.th
Mon Feb 12 01:42:30 EST 2001

Hi Eric

"Eric G . Miller" wrote:
> Shall I look into what library code needs to be modified/added?  Seems
> it will be a pretty small amount of changes.  Do you want to look into
> the Init code (will need migration code)?  Is there anything we should
> be particularly aware of?
> So we have, maybe:
> $HOME/.grass5:
> grass5rc
> tcltkgrassrc
> com/
> tmp/
> ?

I can take care of the Init code, including the clean function that is
called at the end of grass to remove the tmp files. One thing though is
that I would like to drop the version number. Since Grass 4.x didn't
have a $HOME/.grass directory there will be no conflict with it. Having
the version in the top source directory is fine, but keeping it in
executables and resource files is a pain when the version changes. Does
anyone have objections?

The migration code should be fairly simple. In fact we can make a new
script strictly for the migration so it would be easy to remove later.
The only things I can see to include in the script would be:

o move the $HOME/.grassrc5 file to $HOME/.grass/grassrc
o move the $HOME/.tcltkgrassrc file to $HOME/.grass/tcltkgrassrc
o remove any tmp directories in known mapsets (they shouldn't be there
  in the first place but just in case)

We can do this for 5.0 and then remove the script for 5.1. Hopefully,
everyone will have upgraded to 5.0 by then. If not, the worst case is
that grass will start as if it was running for the first time, and if
the user complains, we can get them to check for the old files. What do
you think?

Does anyone see anything we might have missed?

BTW, has Markus commented on this yet?


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