[GRASS5] Re-release of beta11

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Tue Feb 6 12:02:23 EST 2001

Hi all,

due to the still existing GISBASE/dev bug I have to re-release
beta11 (already removed from web). As the create_*.sh scripts have not
been copied into the binary package, the grass5install.sh wipes out
the fifos without being able to reproduce them (was working before).
This simply makes GRASS beta11 unusable. :-((

Lucily the beta11 was not yet officially announced.
So I am preparing beta11b now.

Next time please don't break GRASS few minutes before releasing.
We already had two test phases, after that the bug was introduced.
Such heavy changes (related to IPC/fifos) should take place
*after* releasing a new version. Otherwise a new test phase would
be required.

As we already had severe bugs in beta10, I simply don't like that
the beta11 from sunday was also not working. That's no good reputation.

We need more either more discipline when submitting changes or
lock the CVS completely during the test phase to avoid such problems.

It takes me hours to build such binary release, update everything etc.
Now I have to do it again for beta11... (I have other work to do as well!)
And the users get confused: "why another beta11?".

So far the status,


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